INDYCAR1909 partnering with Turn 4 Podcast

By: Spencer Neff
April 5, 2023

Today, and Turn Four Podcast are excited to announce a joint partnership to bring you the latest racing news.

Turn Four Podcast, Co-Hosted by Dan Maldonado and Tim Reiner, is a motorsports podcast delivering news and opinions on the latest headlines and rumors from around the racing world. Turn Four’s focus is on the NTT INDYCAR Series and brings race reviews and interviews. With this partnership, links to each episode of Turn Four Podcast will be available on

“I’m excited about this new opportunity for both myself and IndyCar 1909 as well as Dan, Tim and the Turn Four Podcast”, IndyCar 1909 Owner/Editor Spencer Neff exclaimed. 

“I was introduced to the Turn Four Podcast when Dan and Tim invited a mutual friend (Bryan Friedrich) as a guest on their live stream during the month of May in 2022. Like me, they have an immense passion for auto racing and I look forward to collaborating with them.”

“Partnering with and Spencer Neff adds another element to the content that we want to bring to our listeners,” said Maldonado,

“We’re thrilled to join together to bring IndyCar and Motorsports information in an impactful and fun way.”  

Turn Four Podcast formed in 2021 delivering content in an engaging format and currently has over 60 episodes on all major streaming platforms including YouTube.


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