Pre-Weekend Quick Takes

Spencer Neff


Hope everyone had a great week. Here are the top stories for the weekend in motorsports.

1. NASCAR’s throwback weekend at Darlington is here. Several teams are running throwback schemes. NBC will also join in on the fun. Ken Squier, Dale and Ned Jarrett will call portions of the race broadcast, which will have a 70s-theme. It is very cool to see so many in the sport participate in paying tribute to its past. Hopefully this will be the start of a Labor Day tradition for a long time to come.

2. As the sport pays homage to its past, it will also go forward in a way. Kurt Busch is among the drivers opting to use a digital dashboard, which allows drivers to view car components, such as tire pressure. The technology, which will become mandatory in 2016, is another important aspect to keep an eye on.

3. NHRA wraps up the regular season with the US Nationals in Indianapolis. Almost half of the 40 spots in the countdown are available, so the racing will be even more intense. Drivers across all four professional categories will be looking to make their way into the playoffs and win at one of the sport’s biggest events.

Have a great holiday weekend and see you soon.


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